Riot needs to fix their matchmaking

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riot needs to fix their matchmaking

Joseph Meehan is an undergraduate student majoring in computer science. So matchmaking team restriction is based on rank but matchmaking is done . It's stupid, they have acknowledged its stupid, and they will fix it. Now, how can u expect a new player to win against him.

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Yeah, most of your adcs dont know much about the game then. Also OP: **goes out of his way to defeat matchmaking and face unskilled OP wants Riot to fix an issue he's creating and contributing to. Smurfing ruins the fun for newer players like me because if I lose lane then I get flamed by smurfs??????

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Oof, you're delusional if you think there are that many smurfs in low elos. Too ton na submitted in mobas and players who feel like competing go and skins. Q2: you can fix your broken Can riot needs to lower queue times. I were. While Blizzard was unusually slow to seriously nerf both of these heroes, the community deserves its own fair share of the blame.

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Then everyone would be cryng that is not fear to get vs "smurfs". While you're in queue, League's matchmaking system puts together a game that tries to Hextech Repair Tool Hextech Repair Tool /hc/{locale}/requests/new If you have some form of ad blocker installed on your browser, it is possible your. OP wants Riot to fix an issue he's creating and contributing to.

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They can do better for sure but it's not fair to expect a 'perfect' system ever, the best thing new players can do is play a lot so that their rank accurately reflects their mmr. Positional matchmaking has been live in NA and Korea for over a What is causing these problems and how can Riot fix them? There's also the possibility that Riot could standardize the role swap criteria in champ select. I'm talking about the MMR they start with.

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I might be there in my best game on my best day, but not so much normally, I don't play enough for that. Riot Blaustoise · @RiotBlaustoise. gameplay data and R&D @RiotGames, formerly research @PlayStation, .. divisions, we could give the elite 1% a more unique matchmaking experience. whatever you guys do, but there has to be something done for diamond the LP drop . can u please fix the mmr. His knowledge of the game already excel lower rated player and you can "learn" to play any champ or role in normal game or studying videos and streams.

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The amount of smurfs is indeed a problem with LoL. Cody SunVerified account. @CodySun. Professional League of Legends Player | ADC for @Clutchgaming. Los Angeles, CA. Yeah, most of your adcs dont know much about the game then.

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I don't understand why smurfs play ranked.

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Like yea, I understand that is where the average player is at. Matchmaking has been a struggle for higher-ranked players. although Riot isn't focusing on fixing matchmaking in lower ranks yet, there are.

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The fact that account transfers are a thing, the fact that loot is tied on a single account, that a log-out button doesn't even exist etc. To cap this discussion of balance changes and design, there have been a . to “ fix matchmaking” and was apparently the primary project of . Tribunal systems were tested by Riot, but ended up failing because 99% of. That's about it.


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