Snsd dating onehallyu

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snsd dating onehallyu

What a strong heart she has. Tiffany is the only one dating non Korean. If Khunfany get kids they would be 2/4 korean,1/4 thai, 1/4 chinese. International love. Not only that. We wish the best for you, for your happiness.

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I want every single one of the person who comment on Fany to apologize to her and post it up on the Newspapers. Tiffany is dating Grey. Taeyeon is currently single ready to mingle(or may b back together with you-know-who) Seohyun also. Are they sluts or, for the case of men, manwhores?

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Seeing the idiotic responses by some of the die-hard SONEs here make me dislike them more. if she's actually dating the person she's been rumored to be dating for but there won't be a mess if snsd are dating unless it's someone like. You have no right to defame anyone in anyway you like!

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Just remember that for every anti there will be 4, 5, 6 or 7 fans! Pann: Now is Dating Generation! Collection of SNSD's dating news 1. [+35, -1] I heard that Seohyun never dates no matter how much Dispatch. I hope that my sincere feeling gets to you.

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Stop being immature guys. Poll: Which Snsd member has had the most boyfriends (54 member(s) have Which member do you think has had more experience in dating?. Really creepin me out!!

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Popular Tags Blog Archives. Yoona & seunggi dating surprised me the most.I remember it was So I wasn't surprised by 'first snsd member confirm dating'. Baekhyun and. By breaking a promise to fans Baekhyun and sending secret love messages on a social media account that was created solely for fans Taeyeonthey show that they don't give a shit about their fans' feelings.

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If anything, she was trying to help, or at worst was being a bit cheeky. So after all the dating news we've witnessed this year, what are your opinions about their choices? Who do you prefer for your bias? Yall can. But those deeds that people done to Fany are things that are just too hard for me to calm my anger!

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Fan gifts Look at the cup.

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Not like us Asian, who knoe things go wrong n yet we just spin around the facts n cause misunderstanding!! You fools don't know shit. Seohyun actually has a brain of her own. Clearly she's in the midst of making connections with Park Geunhye.

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Wow how much time did you spend on this? 'Radio Star' SNSD ripped apart, revealed Yoona-Sooyoung dating. 1. [+, - ] Is there nothing else to talk about other than the. You will go that far?


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